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Canterbury Club Events
Bowling Night
Winter Sledding and Visit to Segovia Trip
February: Flamenco Night
Billiards/Pool Night
Movie Night | Las Fallas Excursion
April: Irish Pub Night
Karaoke Night

Bullfight and Barbecue
TEFL Graduation Party
Madrid's May San Isidro Festival

June: Terraza Night
Picnic/Football Game
July: Rapa das Bestas
4th of July Barbecue Party
Salsa Dance Party
August: La Tomatina in Buñol
Martini Cocktail Party 
September: Gypsies and Bullfighters Night
October: Vendimia Grape Harvest Party
9th Anniversary Party
Thanksgiving Pot Luck Party
Ghost Hunting in Belmez Day Trip
Ghost Hunting in Belmez Castle
Real Madrid Football Night
Christmas Party
Christmas Hike to Patones, a Pintoresque Village
Olive Harvest in Jaen
Mountain Trekking Trip