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CoursePrice 1375€
Internship    -  280€
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    Canterbury Consulting Spain Centre 1:
Calle Covarrubias 22,
2nd floor on the right (2º Dcha.)
28010 Madrid, Spain

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Top 10 Reasons to choose Canterbury TEFL:

The Garcia Lorca Spanish School

SPECIAL OFFER for students taking The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate!!
Learn Spanish in MadridThe students who do our TEFL certificate program, can also take
the Garcia Lorca Spanish Course. The times of both programs
are designed to leave you free to teach English classes in the evenings,
while the courses are in progress.

For students who do both programs, there is a 30% discount on
the Spanish program. The Spanish program, normally 699 Euros,
is then only 499 Euros. Total Cost Garcia Lorca course + Canterbury Tefl 499 euros+995euros (includes required practise teaching rebate) = 1,494 euros. Canterbury Tefl sponsors student visas for students enrolled in our courses

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The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate Course is accredited by the College of Teachers in London, England

The College of Teachers
Canterbury TEFL is a Centre of the College of Teachers that provides accredited courses and abides by its Code of Practice

Canterbury Consulting Spain is an official provider of language teachers to the Ucetam auxiliary teacher program in Madrid

Since 2008 we have been providing Canterbury Tefl graduates for Ucetam´s auxiliary program in addition to collaborating on numerous programs to promote bilingual Spanish -English education in Spain, The United Kingdom and the United States.




The Canterbury Tefl program provides the training and experience for graduates to continue their teaching experience in Spain as English language assistants in primary and secondary schools through Ucetam as well as other auxiliary programs throughout Spain.

Canterbury is a member and works with the following organizations and universities:
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Calle Covarrubias 22,
2nd floor on the right (2º Dcha.)
28010 Madrid, Spain
Tel +34 91 838 0082

Email: info@canterburytefl.com